Top 40 Software Applications for Educators

In the new age of the classroom, every teacher from student educator to those on the verge of retirement can use all the help they can get. The classroom computer can now be your best friend, if you know how to use it properly. But with the store’s shelves packed with every kind of software, how do you know which are the best for you?

To make the most of a career in education, use all the tools at your disposal. To help you find the best, we have gathered the top 40 software applications for educators. They can help you replace outdated teaching tools, as well as teach everything from vocabulary to math.

Top Educational Software Applications for Educators

  1. Prezi
    Can’t afford PowerPoint or similar software? Then stop here to check out its impressive competitor at no charge. Prezi’s easy to use site offers the ability to create and share your presentations online. They also have paid options, including discounts for both students and teachers.
  2. Brain Honey
    Harness the power of blended learning with this software. It offers standards and instruction for both K-12 and district learning, LMS, and even options for educational businesses. They have three options including a free one for single instructors, a demo for districts, and paid licenses.
  3. Kid Pix
    Use this amazing software to create presentations for the classroom. It can be used to make animations, movies, and more to help create and share stories with students. Now with a 3D option, you can download your very own 15 day trial.
  4. HyperStudio
    Similar to the above, this software can help you create and share presentations for the classroom. Both teachers and students alike have utilized the software and even share some of their presentations on the site. Simply sign up for a free 30 day trial.
  5. Study Island
    This is a web based program designed as a supplemental educational tool geared specifically to each individual state’s achievement tests. Over 24,000 schools use Study Island across the country with more than 11 million individual users, and one of the many reasons why is because each software is tailored to meet the particular state’s requirements. Derrick Meador of has more.
  6. Blackboard
    Get a new approach for developmental education in this software. They work with clients to help build ways to help them teach and keep everyone collaborating. There are options for everyone from K-12, higher learning, and even corporate or military learning.
  7. Promethean Planet
    Connect and collaborate with other teachers in the “world’s largest interactive whiteboard community.” They have lesson plans, teaching resources, and much more available. Simply sign up as over one million have done for a free account with many paid and no-charge downloads available.
  8. RM Podium
    Podcasting just for education is the feature here. Both teachers and students can use the software to record, create, edit, and share works. Starting at $67.00, it also works with text and even video presentations.

Top Software Application Tools for Educators

  1. Grade Quick
    Get virtually every tool an educator needs in one stop here. The software offers grading tools, assessment, attendance, lesson plans, and even reporting and parent communications. It often stands out for having options for teachers, students, and their parents.
  2. ThinkWave
    ThinkWave Educator is free gradebook software with flexible grading options, powerful reporting, and grades online. Simply click on “start” to begin. There are also paid options for those on the administrative side of education.
  3. Gradekeeper
    This software is more suited for individual educators. It computes grades, does seating charts, prints reports, and sends email progress reports. An individual license is only $20, a school license is $100, and a district one is $500, with free updates for life.
  4. Supergrades
    Get a six module interactive skill building program here. Danny Brundate created the software to help his niece adjust to her new school environment. It has since grown into a favorite of both parents and educators alike.
  5. Study X
    All this online learning may be fun, but there is still something to be learnt from the classics. With that in mind, check out this software that can help you create your very own flashcards. Students can use it to learn, while educators can use it to help others learn at only $39.99.
  6. Gaggle
    Get a host of online learning tools that are safe for the classroom here. Gaggle apps are a suite of safe online learning tools that will propel your students and teachers into true 21st century learning. They include options in document creation, video, blogs, and more.
  7. Planbook Edu
    Use this software to double as your lesson planner. It allows you to create lesson plans anywhere and share them with Word, PDF, and colleagues. You can sign up for free basic service, a paid plan, and watch the 60 second tour.
  8. My Lesson Planner
    Visit here for a traditional lesson plan book and the ease and convenience of the web to help you teach smarter in the standards-based classroom. There are loads of features including a lesson plan library, calendar, progress monitoring, and attendance. They have options for individual teachers, as well as for schools and districts.
  9. Planbook
    Options for PC or Mac can be found here, as well as for the iPad. It is a lesson planning program that replaces a traditional teacher’s book. Enter lesson plans for up to 15 courses a day. You can also create assignments, track standards, and organize handouts and web links. They offer a free trial or you can buy for only $30.
  10. The Lesson Plan Book
    Get a simpler version of the above here. Create an account, add lesson plans, and view your calendar in this software application. Click on “Take a Tour” to learn more.

Top Math and Science Software Applications for Educators

  1. MyMathLab
    Get tools to help teach every math from arithmetic to algebra. The software adapts to your students and style of teaching. They also offer a MyStatLab for science.
  2. Kuta
    Stop here for a test and worksheet generator just for math educators. It can help you save time, improve learning, and is comprehensive. They have four different versions, each with its own free trial and worksheets.
  3. Mathematica
    One of the reasons this software is so popular is that it often uses real world math in its teachings. It can do anything from building a hedge fund trading website or publishing interactive engineering textbooks and even teaching calculus. Millions of people have already used it, and it offers a free trial.
  4. Maxima
    If the above is too expensive, click here. Maxima is a general computer algebra system program and is available at no charge. It was even named as one of three awesome free math programs by Math Blog.
  5. The Jason Project
    Their science curriculum is designed for students in grades five through eight. They align to state and national standards and are often featured on the blogs of actual teachers. There are options for everything from geology to weather.
  6. Google Earth
    No strangers to amazing software, Google Earth can let you see just about any place in the world. With a new Google Ocean version, they aren’t kidding. It is one of the top science and educational software downloads on CNET.
  7. ACD ChemSketch
    The blogger over at Science Geek named this as his first choice for chemistry freeware links. The software is an all-purpose chemical drawing and graphics software. Click and draw molecules, ions, text, polygons, arrows, lab apparatus, and more.

Top Language Software Applications for Educators

  1. ABC Kid Genius
    Stop here for free educational software to use at home, pre-school, kindergarten, or for just learning English. Now in its fifth version, it can help teach the alphabet, letters, numbers, and counting. Simply click to download.
  2. Print Shop
    Get students of all ages to learn by printing their own projects with the help of this software. It allows you to create professionally designed projects including greeting cards, calendars, flyers, and more. There is a video tutorial and blog with more.
  3. Reader Rabbit
    The software uses animations to help teach kids basic letter and sound recognition. Intended for ages three to six, it also helps with addition, vocabulary, shapes, and colors. It was top rated by Learning Village.
  4. Reading Detective
    Students are engaged through story in this software. They learn and are promoted in detective rank by scoring well. Debbie’s Homeschool Corner shared how her own student enjoyed the software.
  5. Sight Words With Samson
    Teach your students the 224 most commonly used words in the English language with this software. It teaches the word in five steps and with various tools. It also comes with a number of printables including flashcards, worksheets, and lesson plans.
  6. Speed
    Sure anyone can read, but how many can speed read? The blogger at Lifehack thinks anyone can with the help of this speed reading software. Click to learn more, and be sure not to miss the blog post with more on the topic.
  7. Story Weaver
    Now that you know the words, how best to put them on the page? That is the goal of this software application. Story Weaver helps writers build a story through the use of story cards.

Other Top Software Applications for Educators

  1. Logos
    Teach and learn Bible study with the use of this software. They have nearly 20 years’ worth of experience creating related software applications. With nine different versions currently available, stop by to see which is right for you.
  2. Athan (Azan)
    Teachers in Muslim schools will enjoy this software. It helps Muslims perform daily prayers anywhere in the world. It comes with several options in the free version, and more tools in the paid one.
  3. Rethink Autism
    If you are a teacher of autistic students, this software is not to be missed. It helps with assessment, training, curriculum, and data tracking. An award winter from the Software and Information Industry Association, they offer a free one week trial.
  4. Viper
    As we all know, the web has made many things easier, including plagiary. Use this free software to scan student’s papers for the aforementioned offense. It offers both free and paid options.
  5. Stamina Typing Tutor
    Because typing is now for more than court reporters, click here. It is a review of the Stamina Typing Tutor, a free resource. It was named the best by the blogger at Tech Support Alert, and they have other recommendations in this area.
  6. Visualize ASL
    If learning or teaching American Sign Language, check out this software. It helps teach through the use of watching and learning. Volume One teaches basic vocabulary and fingerspelling.
  7. Crazy Machines
    Have your students build and work machines of all sorts on this software. It is a virtual invention lab with 100 levels and 100 gadgets. The blogger at Children’s Technology Review has more.
  8. Hooked on Spanish
    Teach your students how to speak and write in the language with the help of this software application. From the same people who brought you Hooked on Phonics, they feature loads of kid friendly learning. The blogger at Viewpoints has more on it.

And the above top 40 software applications for educators are just some of the options available out there. If they offer a free trial or demo, be sure and take them up on it before purchasing to make sure it is right for you.

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